Nassim Haramein

Monday, 7 September 2009

The past few days I have been lettering a new episode of the comic book series “Nestor Burma”. The first six books, based on novels by Leo Mallet, were drawn by Tardi, but it is now drawn by Emmanuel Moynot. Taking over a popular comic rarely works, but in this case it is done quite good. I enjoyed this story more than many of the other comics that ended up on my desk.

While lettering I usually listen to lectures and interviews. This time I listened to Nassim Haramein, who I knew from interviews he gave to Red Ice Radio and Coast to Coast. He is one of the people that tries to bridge the gap between physics and esoterics. He is a very original thinker and he is funny too. And a great pleasure to watch and listen to.
He has too many ideas to mention here in a few lines, but I love his idea to see all matter as black holes. He explains this (and many other ideas) in a lecture that is on YouTube in 45 episodes of 10 minutes. But there is much more Nassim Haramein on the Internet. I just picked three good videos from YouTube; if you are interested, you can easily find more.





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