The Vinyl Frontiers

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

”De Muzikale Verleiding” has been printed and I have just seen it for the first time. The book looks absolutely great, so now it is time for our next project: ”Het chocoladeplaatjes mysterie en andere fonografische randverschijnselen” or, in English, “Chocolate records and other vinyl frontiers”.
Dolf Hell sent me a picture of the chocolate record that he has kept in his refridgerator for decades, and that might very well be the world’s only Chocolate record that time travelled from the mid sixties to now. I cannot remember if I have already shown this record to you, but it is worth to see it twice if I did:

Bas Trimbach sent me pictures of more record that have engravings in stead of grooves. Here is a split single by Napalm Death and The Electro Hippies, who both play a song of only one second. The rest of the vinyl is used for graffiti. I don’t think you will be able to see much of it, but I will show it to you anyway:

The 45 ”Atomic garden” by Bad Religion has the same artwork scratched into the vinyl as what can be seen on the sleeve:

Bas doesn’t know it yet, but I think that he is becoming the third author of “Chocolate records and other vinyl frontiers”.

Here is another Auto Voice record from the collection of Dolf Hell, that will certainly be mentioned in the book too:

And here is another strange record that will be featured in the book:

It is a two sided 7 inch 78rpm record. Somehow the recording is incomplete on both sides. There is no intro groove: the groove starts at the edge of the record and the recording is there already well on the way. It might be a back up recording of a radio broadcast, but I am not sure. The record looks as if it is from the forties. If anybody can give me more info on this record or the label it would be more than welcome. But be aware of the risk of becoming co-author.





2009-09-17 02:17:04

Ha, ha! Da’s ook mooi; word ik hier ongewild in meegesleept!
Maarre, weet waar je aan begint Frits!



2010-02-28 02:29:58

The 78rpm record with its two holes looks like a (one-off) acetate, and a google search confirms that this kind of disk (philco safety) is a metal based acetate blank.