L'Arte Della Percussione

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Today I helped Erk W. to clean up the mess in the attic of his company. He has a company that makes music magazines like “Gitarist” and “De Slagwerkkrant” and they organise all kind of music related events. The attic is about 5 by 5 meters and was completely filled with stuff: magazines, administration, parts of drum kits, furniture, computer parts, you don’t want to know it. Much was still in the boxes that came in when they moved into the place, five years ago. On the boxes is a text that says: ”Erkende verhuizers” Erk had of course already noticed that his name was in this. I cut out a part from one of the boxes and made this for him:

Here is a record that popped up out one of the boxes and that Erk gave to me:

Side A

Side B