Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The book ”De Muziakle Verleiding” will probably not sell on its own. The publisher ( Nijhg & Van Ditmar ) sent all kind of information to the bookstores, but they ordered very little copies.

So, there has to be made some promotion through the media. Dolf Hell and I will be guests in several radio and maybe television shows, and there will be articles and interviews in several magazines. The book will be out on 22 September, so most of this will happen after the 22th. I will summarise whole media circus for the book after it is all done, but here is a link to an item that was broadcasted in on RTL4.
Apart from the book there is the Top100 on Reclame Arsenaal, where people can listen to the songs and make a vote. If you happen to know people who would like to visit this Top100, please sent them this



2009-09-08 04:04:06

For everyone who wants to see Frits promoting his book:

It’s too bad you only get to hear recent advertisement songs that never made it to a record, that is not what the book is about afaik.