Jackie and the Wild Boys

Friday, 25 June 2010

In one of his recent bags of goodies Dirk Koorn surprised me with some Dutch advetisement records. I had all of them, but some where in a better condition than the ones that i have, so this gift made my day.

As always i played all the records, and, as always, i realised once again how interesting this genre is! The onesided paper flexi record, that came with an issue of Tina magazine, has a song on it that is supposedly played by the band “Jackie & the Wild Boys”.

This band did not exist, but there was a comic in Tina& about this band, so they had a bunch of studio musicians playing as if *Jackie and the Wild Boys were a real band. A very nice idea, and the song is more than okay to my ears. The band sounds very much like Shocking Blue, but i never heard that they were behind this recording, so i guess it is only an imitation:


peter huender

2012-03-03 03:54:28

I have this record in horrible shape unfortunately. I always believed it sounded like Jefferson Airplane, specially the guitar solo.


2012-03-03 12:18:22

@Peter, i can send you a better copy if you like. But the music will not get better, of course.


2012-07-28 11:17:53

Hello, I am a huge Shocking Blue fan, and I can tell you that the band on this flexi is NOT Shocking Blue. I had ths thought too, but a co-fan asked Shocking Blue-singer Mariska Veres personally once… and she told him that they never did this song. Anywat I am very glad to own a copy of this rare record!

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