Saturday, 19 June 2010

The good thing of not being at home much is that stuff is piling up on my desk: things i bring home, gifts, notes, mail, magazines, etcetera. I think that next week i will have all the time in the world to enjoy all this stuff, and i am already enjoying the idea. Here is fanzine that Fake Booy sent me:

It is zine made by Fake and Peter Pontiac, with material that has been left out the famous Pontiac Reviews. As you know i am a great fan of the work of Peter Pontiac and this zine is making me very happy. It looks very much like the Pontiac Review, with all kind of snippets from Peter’s archives.

In the same enevlop as an issue of Crap Hound #4, the fanzine made by Sean Tejaratchi:

Most readers of this blog will be familiar with this zine; it is also featured in V. Vale’s ??Re/Search? publication about zines (volume 1). Crap Hound is a thematic collection of images. The way these images are put together is extremely beautiful. In this issue Sean explains how he does it:

The fact that Sean spends so much time on restoring and upgrading all these images is something that makes me happy: efforts like these are making this Life worth living.
The reason that Fake sent me a copy of Crap Hound is that a few hundred of the “devils” in this issue ccome from his collection, and he got an extra copy for sending them to Sean. Here are some pages with “devils”: