Dingenzoeken (part 2)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

My love made some better photo’s of the collages that i made of the screws and nails and other objects that i found on the floor during my work as a housepainter:

My grandmother had a box with old buttons that i often played with as a child. My grandmother was very close to me, especially in the years after her daughter/my mother died. Her husband was an agressive alcoholic and she had a pretty tough life. She never had any money, although that was never an issue. But i remember that as a child i already noticed that there was no stuff in the house. No books, no nice furniture, nothing but the basic necessities. And nothing ever changed. Maybe she had two sets of chairs during all of her long life. When she died, about ten or twelve years ago, i got the box with buttons as a souvenir. The buttons are cheap, old and often damaged, and the only thing i could think of of doing with them was glueing them all on one piece of hardboard:

To create little souvenirs of the people and things are or were dear to me is a very pleasing pastime. And there are still quite some projects to be finished. Or even started.