Monday, 14 June 2010

In between the things that make up the life that i live, i made some sketches of cat logo’s:

Well, it are not really logo’s, it are trademark characters or something like that. But without a trademark. I started making one after i lost a job for a logo design. The company that asked me choose someone else’s design. Since that was a pretty stupid design, while i thought my design was much better, i wondered what could be the reason. All i can think of is that i didn’t present it like the other designer: i don’t wear a suit, i don’t make large colour prints of my designs, i don’t defend my designs with lots of nonsense talk, and i am much cheaper. For some reason all this seems to work against me. People who ask for a logo (or for anything else) often have not a clue about what they need, get or wish for. And there are enough designers who specialize in selling crap to such people.
Anyway, after i made one cat-logo, i made some more: