Daily collages (part 3)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

When i am on a beach, i love to build with sand. Or draw or write in the sand. I also like to collect stones, shells or whatever can be found. When there is time, i make a collage on the spot of whatever i have found. I could do that all day for the rest of my life, but unfortunately it is difficult to make a living out of such activities. Unless you do it like Andrew van der Merwe:

The same work, but in close-up:

Elise Reynolds sent me the link a few days ago, and i cannot get the images out my head. This feels as if somebody is reminding me of something that i have forgotten, but i have only a vague hint of what it is. It also feels as if everything i ever would like to do is already done, but not by one person. My imaginery output is scattered over the lives of many persons, living at many different places and in many different times.
I have not had much change to make DeVo Art recently, but i try to continue the daily collages. Here are some recent ones: