Jackie and the Wild Boys

Friday, 25 June 2010

In one of his recent bags of goodies Dirk Koorn surprised me with some Dutch advetisement records. I had all of them, but some where in a better condition than the ones that i have, so this gift made my day.

As always i played all the records, and, as always, i realised once again how interesting this genre is! The onesided paper flexi record, that came with an issue of Tina magazine, has a song on it that is supposedly played by the band “Jackie & the Wild Boys”.

This band did not exist, but there was a comic in Tina& about this band, so they had a bunch of studio musicians playing as if *Jackie and the Wild Boys were a real band. A very nice idea, and the song is more than okay to my ears. The band sounds very much like Shocking Blue, but i never heard that they were behind this recording, so i guess it is only an imitation:


peter huender

2012-03-03 03:54:28

I have this record in horrible shape unfortunately. I always believed it sounded like Jefferson Airplane, specially the guitar solo.


2012-03-03 12:18:22

@Peter, i can send you a better copy if you like. But the music will not get better, of course.


2012-07-28 11:17:53

Hello, I am a huge Shocking Blue fan, and I can tell you that the band on this flexi is NOT Shocking Blue. I had ths thought too, but a co-fan asked Shocking Blue-singer Mariska Veres personally once… and she told him that they never did this song. Anywat I am very glad to own a copy of this rare record!


2017-04-27 11:46:24

I have been searching for any word on this little record. We used to play it all the time, but lost the record at one stage. (Maybe siblings got too tired of hearing it all the time and got rid of it????)I’d love to hear it once again, but do not know how or where… Somebody?

Hans Roemen

2018-05-23 20:33:37

I have this record for sale


2018-05-23 21:00:46

Ja? Hoeveel wil je er voor hebben?

René Lust

2019-01-30 10:35:11

Frits, wat leuk de Turbo song jij bent ook van alle markten thuis, heb je goed naar de hoes gekeken?

Jonker frits

2019-01-30 14:42:28

Rene, natuurlijk heb ik heel goed naar de hoes gekeken! Da was de reden dat ik de singel kocht.

René Lust

2019-01-31 15:54:14

Leuk hoor, ik heb zelfs nog bewijs dat je daar gedanst hebt. Sta ik zomaar met een single en een boek op je showcase.