Daily collages (part 4)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Recently this blog is going through a creative crisis. I have not much spectacular to show or tell, and apart from that i have very little time to sit behind the computer. Of course the thought crossed my mind several times to stop writing this blog, but that doesn’t seem a serious option. I sort of enjoy these periods, because i have learned them to be incubation times. Between two succesive periods of inspiration there are periods where the mind seems to experience a down. I see it as “mental breathing”. I perfer the exhaling, but it cannot be without the inhaling.
Here are some recent daily collages made of pictures in De Volkskrant:

If i were a reader of this blog i would be dissapointed to see only a handful of collages that look exactly as the 90 other ones that have been posted. But hey, life sucks every now and then!