Thursday, 10 June 2010

Our neighbour is a writer. When i heard that he still han no coverfor his new book, i made this sketch:

The story is about a guy from South Africa who is found dead in an Amsterdam canal. I used the colours of the South African flag, but somehow it doesn’t work. So i left this idea and made a new sketch:

And by pushing two buttons in my Photostudio software it became this:

I was quite content with the result, although it is only a sketch. But my neighbour told me he had a complete different cover in his mind, so here this project ends. Which i find a pity, because i like making book covers and although so far i only made one (?!) i think there must be books that who look good with one of my designs.
Here is the cover of a recent issue of “Z”, the Amsterdam homeless people’s magazine:

The collage-portrait is made by Pieter Bas, with whom there is an interview in the magazine:

I got very enthousiast over this work, so i thought to share it with you.

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