Kenny Lynch

Monday, 7 June 2010

I often don’t understand the names and categories that record collectors use. (Milan Hulsing recently explained me the term “hot stamper”; ever heard of that one?) This record is known as “Nothern Soul”. I have no idea what that is. I only use the terms soul, exotic soul, disco and funk. But usually i call it all soul. This 45 is a collector’s item among Nothern soul record collectors:

I don’t think it is a floorfiller, but i do like the sound effect. Still, i would never pay 50 or 100 dollar for a record like this, like some people seem to do.
Here it is:




2010-06-07 15:38:21

I feel you ridicule me with the hot stamper quote! It’s the invention of one record seller, a stupid, crusty term to sell totally common records for 10 times their value. On a side note, I think your estimation of the value of this 45 is also about 10 times too high! Unless it’s a hot stamper! But I agree the soundeffect is great, especially since they use it throughout the whole track.


2010-06-07 20:41:28

I have no intention at all to ridicule you! I just love the term “hot stamper” and the idea behind it. I wish it was my idea! And the price-thing is of course ironic; i read some stories on the records that i mention in the blog and could not resist using them.


2010-06-09 14:32:14

Thanks. It would be okay to ridicule me though, of course!

Pieter M, Dorrenboom

2010-06-18 09:31:46

Although not a “hot stamper”, I really like this song.
It probably could be classified as (mid-tempo) Nothern Soul (which has nothing to do with the nothern states of the USA), but personally I would classify it as Popcorn (which has nothing to do with the cinema snack or that classic Moog tune).
It takes more than 1024 characters to explain what Nothern Soul or Popcorn is all about, so if you’re really interested, Frits, I would love to come over to Amsterdam once again and tell you all about it whilst enjoying a nice cup of cappucino!