The Carribeans

Friday, 4 June 2010

I am sorting out my records. I do away all the stuff that is not worth anything and that can be found on Spotify. But in case i think the record is valuable, i do a little Google search. That sometimes leads to surprises, as in the case of this 45:

All i could find about this 45 is this YouTube video:

If anybody can help me finding out what this record might be worth, i would love to hear it. I think it is a bootleg, because the record is near mint. But often these bootlegs are worth quite some money too. Here is how the A-side sounds:

When i played the record after i bought it, i was actually a bit dissapointed because it was a doowop record and not an exotic soul record, which i hoped for. I don’t think any exotic soul record is worth more than a few euro’s. That shows how ridiculous this whole record collecting thing is. (But you won’t hear me complaining!)



2010-06-06 11:02:23

Hi Frits, let me warn you against exagerated dealer lists, so called price guides and the kind of deceptive clips as the one you just posted. It all depends on rarity and demand and especially with doowop, prices have gone down. Price guides are outdated and the best thing to do is to see for how much something actually sold on, say, Ebay and a couple of sites I just emailed you about.

Dolf Hell

2010-06-06 13:41:48

Wonderful Girl stamt uit 1962 en werd in Jerry Osborne’s Price Guide (USA) uit 1999 al geschat op 40-50 dollar.