My dad (part 2)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My dad is still alive. After i was called by the doctor because they thought he would not live another few days, we waited four weeks untill he would die. But he didn’t. After four weeks he started eating again and sort of recovered. This is not the first time my dad recovered miraculously, but this was a very weird comeback. He is in very bad shape and not very happy, but he still doesn’t complain and he is still here.
Since the place where he is now is not a very pleasant place, i try to visit him as often as possible, but i rarely make it more than once a week, because it is so far away. I try to accept the situation but i find it difficult. It is not nice to see my dad fading away.
A few weeks ago we emptied his house, because he can not return there and the house stood empty for more than half a year. My father can hardly get out of bed anymore, and he accepted the fact that going home is out of the question. There is nothing in his house that i ould like to have, but I selected some of his favourite CD’s. He has no interest at all listening to them now, but one never knows if he wants to hear them one day. And i want to keep them as a memory anyway.
My dad loved to listen to Dutch music, ans especially to Amsterdam music. I ave him many CD’s with Dutch music that i hoped would broaden his taste, but he never listened to them. And in the end i gave up and just tried to give him more of the same of what he already had. But his all time favourite CD is one that my brother once bought for him:

Here is a song from this CD by “De Kreunende Sluisdeuren” that my dad loved to listen to and sing along with: