Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I finally have a camera that i sort of understand. I just made these pictures of the latest two “ready mades”, made with stuff that i find on the floor of houses where i paint. They are for sale, by the way. I have no idea what they should cost, but i accept any reasonable offer.

Our daughter asked me to write saying on the wall of her room. I asked het what saying, but she didn’t know yet. Happy to get away with not having to do this right away, i told het to think of one. Two minutes later she came up with a saying she had found on the Internet. I wanted to say that she she should take more time, but when she tol me what the saying was, i realised that it would be hard to find a better one.

This is a strange phenomenon: when you don’t think about it, things often go so smooth and quick that it seems to defie logic. It seems that there is no better method than acting on intuition without thinking about it. But ofcourse, it is extremely difficult to do this, especially when you have to do a certain thing more than once.
And here is a great video of a guy called Gerry Philips. Dana Countryman posted another video on FaceBook and i couldn’t sleep before i had seen all his video’s!

I have heard more people doing this, but what this man does is quite absurd. I wish i could do half of it!



2011-01-23 19:28:44

Hahaha, hilarisch!