Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Here is another example of the problems that Dirk Koorn gives me:

It is a private release from 1973, on Button-Nose Records, by a guy called Burton Greene with the help of Daoud Amin. They play hippiejazz, a kind of music that only people like Milan Hulsing and i care to listen to. Please try to understand that i have no space in my place: for every new record that i get and decide to keep, i have to do away an old one. There goes “Bassie&Adriaan en de radiopiraat”.
Burton Greene had released a record before this one. On that LP are homemade demo’s; i have never heard this one. But now i have this second LP the hunt is on!
There are three pieces of music on “Trees”, all recorded live. The suite Variations on Darbari Kanada was recorded at the Doelen Alternative Jazz Festival sponsored by the BIM. Woodstock vibrations and Vishnu were recorded at the Central Museum Concert in Utrecht, september 1973.