Jean-Luc Moerman

Friday, 14 January 2011

A FaceBook friend sent me a link to an article in Juxtapoz, about these artworks:

I googled the name of the artist, Jean-Luc Moerman, and found out that he and i seem to have a lot in common. I mean, some of his work could have been made by me, or vice versa. Well, of course he is far more succesful, but i find some of the images that i have seen fro him look alike in an almost eery way.

The person who sent me the link thought that Jean-Luc Moerman might have got the idea to paint tattoos on magazine pictures from me. I have done this in 2005-2006 (here are some examples) and he started doing it a few years later. But when i look at some of his other works in which i recognise the same inspiration as i had in my drawings, it is the other way around. For example, i didn’t start drawing abstract line drawings earlier than 2008, and that seems to be after or around the same timeJean-Luc Moerman started doing his.

I am curious to find out more about this man and his work. But most of all i wonder what he would think if he sees my work. This has never happened to me before, and i don’t think it happens very often in general that you find somebody who is more or less doing the same things as you do.
By the way, because i began to realise that adding another few thousand abstract droodles to my oeuvre in 2011 does not seem like a wise way to spent my time, i have decided to try and do pick up writing letters again. I cannot show these here, but i can write you a letter if you would like to get one.
And, of course, i still make drawings every now and then. Last night i stumbled upon a fractal. A very simple fractal, but nonetheless:

And is a recent coffee-drawing that i am pretty happy with: