FaceBook friends (part 1)

Monday, 3 January 2011

After making mainly abstarct droodles for months, i felt a desire to make some more concrete drawings. I even consider trying to make a comic, but i still don’t have the necessary courage to start a time consuming project that is surely heading for nowhere. After drawing the portrait of Si Cranstoun, i tried some other portraits. That didn’t work out very well, because i have no real idea how to do it. Sometimes a portrait comes easily, sometimes it will not come, no matter how hard i try. So, to learn more about the craft, i decided to draw all my FaceBook friends. That are over 170 people, of which half are completely unknown to me.
Here are the first attempts:

They are not all good, but because this is all done as a practise, i try not to bother too much about that. I want to learn to be able to make a more or less recognisable drawing of a picture within less than an hour.

I know from experience that some people are seriosly offended by drawings that i have made of them. I will try not to bother with that; it is not my atteention to make fun of anybody or to make stupid portraits of them. Hey, it is pretty difficult to catch a real person on paper with only a handful of lines!


Joe Wagner

2011-02-07 04:10:15

Hi Frits, i like your drawings, you can do one of me if you like, i sent you my picture the other day. Be my friend on facebook. I’ve made a DVD for you,will send it when i get your address.Cheers Joe.


2011-02-07 09:27:24

Of course i will TRY to draw your face! But it will take some time probably.

Dana Countryman

2011-06-28 02:20:39

Cool, Frits! Thanks — I THINK!! ;)