Does size matter?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My brother often tells me that i should make my art bigger. I prefer to work on small sizes and i don’t think i will change that, not even if that means i will never be able to sell any art work. But because i wanted to see for myself what the difference is, i made three larger drawings in the style that i have been working in for the past few weeks:

These drawings are A3 sized. That is still not real big, but much bigger that the A6/A5 that i prefer to work on. I understand that some people like to have something big on their wall. But making the kind of stuff that i like to make works better on small pieces of paper. So from now on i return to A5/A6 again.

And here is the track that i mentioned a few days ago. Dirk played it at the monthly neighbourhood dance party and although this kind of music is not in my musical diet, i loved to dance to it.



2011-01-25 19:32:35

inderdaad heerlijk om op te dansen, maar tamelijk vervelend naar te luisteren…
Grappig dat er in je “grotere” tekeningen meer ruimte is voor leegte (stilte). Het spreekt me nèt zo zeer aan, niet per sé meer of minder mooi, maar het karakter verandert er wel van. Het wekt meer associaties met natuurlijke/biologische structuren als plankton.

Ik denk dat het muzikale equivalent, de tijdsduur is. Op mijn beurt heb ik de neiging om langere stukken ook direct trager te maken, soms zelfs ritmeloos.