Acid Jazz

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Among the records that I got from Alex Sas are many records released on the Acid Jazz label.
Not only 12 inches, but also samplers. I think these are among the best records in the collection. I always thought that Acid Jazz released house/techno music, but most of what is on the records that I now have is funky soul, in the tradition of the early seventies funk of James Brown. With loud drums, organs, trombones, and mainly instrumental.
I collect and trade funk music with several people, but based on what I have heard from their collections, they, just like me, seem not aware of the fact that some real cool funk has been recorded twenty years after the golden age of funk. And much on one and the same label. Alex had some interesting funk tracks on other labels too, but somehow Acid Jazz stands out. Especially the Totally wired samplers, of which Alex had two volumes, are worth trying to get a copy of. Maybe they are also available on CD, I have no idea.
Here is such a Acid Jazz track, Dance wicked by The New Jersey Kings.