Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Let me be honest, for once: this story is just an excuse to show you my latest Typefaces.
To say that my mailbox is overflowing with enthusiast reactions on the Typefaces, would be a slight overstatement, but I do get some positive mails. Not that I need much external stimuli to do whatever I do; I am too monominded for that. But it is nice to come home, turn on the computer, and read that somebody likes what I have done. (Bedankt, Aris!)
About nine months ago I promised more Batman music, but like many other topics that I have in mind, there is too much other interesting music. But today I want to share with you my first Batman record, a 45 from 1966 by Adam West. I found this record twenty years ago, without knowing that this record existed. My excitement was already great when I bought the 45, but it became even greater when I played the record later that day. It is brilliant!
By now it has been re-released on several compilations, but nevertheless, here is Adam West with the magnificent Miranda.
By the way, (almost?!) all the actors/characters in the 60’s Batman television series made a record, but there is not yet a CD with all these records out. Or have I missed it?



2007-11-29 03:20:37

Bravo Frits – je columns zijn de korenbloemen tussen het maaiveld. Ik geniet van verre.


2007-12-02 15:01:39