Typefaces 2

Saturday, 17 November 2007

I get nice reactions on the Typefaces that I am doing since a few days. First I was quite happy if I could make some face with the letters of a name in more or less the right order, but after a while I began to see more possibilities. In more than a few cases it is possible to make the typefaced person recognisable. Of course, with only a handful of letters you can not expect too much, but one or two features are often enough to make a caricature.

I am not good at remembering faces. I often cannot even remember the hair colour or whether a person wear glasses, so I need a picture to make a Typeface resemble a person. So far I got one job, from Pieter van Oudheusden, a writer/journalist. I think that his Typeface can be considered a minor success.
I do more Typefaces than I can show here, but of course I also did those four insects from Liverpool. Which leads me into a dilemma, because I have no intention at all to let you hear a tune of those guys.
But here is track from the great CD Better than The Beatles (released on Knight records) with 27 tracks by bands that used the Flab Four as source of inspiration. This is the title song, Better than The Beatles by the legendary Brad Berwick.