Saturday, 10 November 2007

Today I came upon a name for the letter portraits that I began making yesterday: typefaces. It always makes me happy to have a good name for whatever I am working on. And typefaces is a perfect name for this project.
Last night I have done typefaces of any of my friends and family members, and one for Adam Curry. As a fan of his Daily Source Code I send him artwork every now and then, and often he uses it in his podcast. For miraculous reasons, everything that I make for him comes easy. The ambigram of his name is one of the best I ever made, and also his typeface is also one of the best so far.
Recently Mark Vidler has begun a podcast too, named Trypshop. So far he has uploaded two episodes and I think they are more than worth taking a listen to. You can find Trypshop here. And yes, on the same page are links to the 16 CD’s with MashUps that Mark Vidler a.k.a. Go Home Productions has produced in the past few years. Yep, 16 CD’s !
With brilliant MashUps like this one:

(I have just opend up a Flickr account, where i put up some more typefaces, if you want to see them.)