Monday, 5 November 2007

I said earlier in this Soundtrack that in the record collection that I got from Alex Sas are about a 1000 records. I think I miscalculated, it were a few hundred more. I have given away two boxes to the local charity shop, and I am still sorting out the rest of the records, meanwhile trying to come up with a plan to sell the records that I don’t want to keep myself. I keep on discovering songs that surprise me. Last night I got excited over a track on the first LP by Lime.
I had heard other records by Lime, and I didn’t really like that. I am more into seventies disco, and Lime is from the eighties. I never could handle the introduction of synthesizers into soul music, so in most cases my interest ends around 1979. So I didn’t expect much from this LP either. But it turned out to be a full disco-experience! One track in particular stands out, Agent 406. It lasts longer than the attention span of an average blog visitor, but please make some coffee, sit back and pay full attention to this 7 minutes of heavy disco.