Happy Birthday, Bram

Thursday, 8 November 2007

John Koenmans sent me a pile of the Happy Birthday records that I mentioned on June 3th. That is how life works: we attract whatever we put energy in, also things we don’t like. I should be careful to even to mention these records: I don’t want to attract any more of this stuff than I already did. This is not the kind of records that you want you best friends to discover when they come dividing your record collection after you died. (Although I actually like that idea, now I think it over twice.)
Today is our son’s 13th birthday. He wanted new skates, because he had his old ones wore out. We gave him these a few weeks ago, so he doesn’t get a real present today. But I did make him a CD with some of my old school raps.
Our son loves to listen to rap, but what he listens to is mostly Dutch and ofcourse the modern stuff. Every now and then a I let him hear what kind of rap I like, but he is not really impressed by The Beasty Boys, LL Cool J or Run DMC. He says it is to noisy, much to punk.
Our son learns to speak English now. He is not able to understand much of what is said in the raps that ceedeed for him, but I am sure that the first few seconds will draw his attention.

While going through all my rap records, and through the records that I got from Alex Sas, I noticed that my taste hadn’t changed very much: I still like the noisy raps best. And the combination of heavy metal guitars with rap still excites me. And the Crazy noise LP that Stezo made in 1989 is still as good as I thought it was when I bought it, even when it was regarded as a pop
I never cared much for all the discussions about what music is genuine and what not. I rather trust my ears. And Stezo rocks! Just like Jazzy Jeff and The Fesh Prince ( Boom shake the room ), Ali Dee ( Who’s the flavour ) and Chill Rob C ( The Power?? ). Most rap LP’s only have a few real good tracks, and some even only one. But I like all the tracks on Crazy noise. Musically it is one the most varied rap LP’s that I know of, and I think that Stezo is a talented and original rapper too. Back then (the late eighties) party rap wasn’t cool. But it seems to me that the so called cool raps of those days often sound pretty ridiculous and lame today.
Anyway, here is Stezo with “To the max”. Happy birthday, Bram!



2007-11-08 14:33:19

Hee Bram, gefeliciteerd! 13 jaar, mooie leeftijd. Ik zag trouwens dat je Frits op google al verslagen hebt: Googlefight