The Surprise Show

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I am still making Typefaces. It seems that it will be another one of my dead end projects, but I just enjoy doing this. And I find it amazing that with only the few letters of a name you can make so many different faces.

While drawing I listened to some old cassette tapes. With things that I recorded from radio. I used these fragments for one-of-one compilation tapes that I loved to make.
These cassettes with the original recordings were never meant to listen to as such; this was for many years the only way to store recordings.

But while listening to some of these tapes again tonight, I got the idea that it would make a nice podcast: The Surprise Show.
Tonight I heard, anmong many other things, A Dutch priest who wanted house parties forbidden because he believed they are satanic, excerpts from 60’s news items about Provo’s in Zandvoort, Ennuit music and this improvisation of a sax player, a rapper and a tap dancer.
The sax player is Hans Dulfer, who had a night show in the late eighties that I liked very much. This was really done on the spot, and I think I have not recorded all of it. And I have no idea who the rapper and the tap dancer are.