Wednesday, 14 November 2007

As I have told before, I am a dedicated listener of the Daily Source Code.
This podcast is made by Adam Curry, it is not daily, and 90% of the subjects are not of my interest. But I love radio shows where people only do what they really like doing at the very moment of recording, and the Daily Source Code is like that; it is Adam Curry’s diary. And since he lives a life that is so completely different from mine, I like to listen to it.

Adam Curry has been a media star for two decades, is a multi-millionaire, and has been in 1001 big commercial projects of all kinds, still I think he is more punk than any punk that I have ever met. He stands up for what he beliefs, he is not afraid to stick out his neck or loose his face. And he makes some damn good radio shows, although they are called podcasts now.

To let him know that I appreciate his shows, I send him artwork every now and then. An because I have not much better to do, I began making a Daily Source Ode: a little drawing, that can be used to illustrate the podcasts. So far i have done 20. They are not all that great, but this is what you get when I am doing this kind of work on a daily basis. You can see all of them here
The ideas for these illustrations come from the shows. Recently Adam introduced the blue pill/red pill question, like Neo was asked by Morpheus in The Matrix. Taking the red pill stands for willing to go down the rabbit hole and see where it ends.
One of the subjects that shows up regular in the DSC is the copyright dilemma. I even collected the fragments in which interesting thing are said. And of course, songs that he plays!