Thursday, 18 October 2007

I get all the comments, that people give to this Soundtrack, directly in my mailbox. Arjen, the webmaster of this site, has arranged it this way, just like he arranged 1001 other things that make it possible for a digital Neanderthaler like me to make a site like this. That the comments end up in my mailbox is nice, because otherwise I would never read them. There are about five to ten comments a week, 50% from people that I don’t know. And almost all the comments are positive and informative.
I don’t always react to the comments, because I have not anything to add to what is said, but I do appreciate them very much. It is a hard to describe pleasure, when I come home, turn on the computer, and read that somebody on the other side of this planet enjoyed something, of which for years I thought I was the only person in the world who liked it.
The story about The Phantom got a comment from a guy named Frank, who lives in Italy. He asked if I knew the song Last ride by The Phantom. Well, I didn’t remember it, but I told him that I only want to hear it if I falls in the same category as Love me. Frank assured me that it does, and he sent me an MP3 of the song. Well, he’s right: Last Ride fits my rock’n’roll criteria.
Here it is:

John sent in a comment to the mystery track of two weeks ago, with a link to a site that collects all the groovy sitar songs on pop records, Sitar Grooves. I hadn’t heard of the site and am very happy with what I found there. So if you happen to love sitars in pop songs, check it out.



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