Monday, 8 October 2007

A few days ago I picked up something new. I called it cryptogyphs. It all began when our daughter gave me a note on which she had scribbled something that she had seen on TV and of which she thought that I would like it: it was the word Sint, written in the way you can see somewhere on this page, among with some other examples which I made myself.
I have tried to find out on the Internet if there are other people doing the same thing, but so far I have not found anything. But since I have no idea how others, if they exist, call this kind of wordplay, I don’t really know how to search for it. I like the word cryptoglyphs, because it are some kind of puzzles. I am trying to find a magazine or newspaper that is interested in publishing a daily cryptoglyph as a puzzle, but so far I haven’t got any response.
I publish this kind of work, and information on many other nano topics, in a paper magazine that is also named Showcase. It is actually a column-without-a-magazine, that I started two or three years ago. I wanted to have a real column, but no magazine was interested, so I started doing it myself. The circulation is very small, about 25 copies, because I sent them for free and the postage is too expensive to sent more.
Last week I suddenly realised that I can easily make scans of these columns and offer them for download to anybody who is interested. It looks much better on paper than on a computer screen, but you can read it.
Well, only if you understand Dutch. I did write a few hundred issues in English, but I express myself so much easier in Dutch, so I stopped trying to reach a worldwide audience and settled for 25 of readers in my circle of family and friends.
So, in stead of music, here is a zipfile of a selection of some recent Showcases. If you want more, just ask.
(If you think you can read all the cryptoglyphs shown here, and if you are not a regular reader of the paper version of Showcase, please let me knoe what they say. The first one to give the correct answers wins a prize.)



2007-10-08 15:02:26

What is this not a regular reader shit?
Angry young man!


2007-10-09 15:12:17

Okay, also if you ARE a regular Showcase reader.
Angry, sometimes, but young… long time ago!


2010-06-24 08:15:03

i can only see batmobile
and rockabilly


2010-06-26 15:07:20

The other words are Podshow, Adam Curry, DSC, Funky16Corners and Fingersspitzengefuhl. Thanks for the comment& Greetings from Amsterdam!


2010-06-27 01:56:54

ik ben van nederland maar ik woon in aruba, ik vind het wel een leuk puzzeltje