Sexy records

Monday, 1 October 2007

Next to me while I write this, is a pile of 12 inch records that all have neutral black or white sleeves. With a hole in the middle, so you can see the label.
Sometimes there is a sticker on the sleeve, but often the information on the label is all there is. And more than once there isn’t even any printed info on the label, only a stamp that is barely decipherable. Sometimes the former owner of this collection, Alex Sas, has written the complete name on the sleeve, but there are several records that are a complete mystery to me.
I beginning to like these 12 inches. They are sexy! These garage/house deejays did love vinyl. I have never accepted the CD as something that could replace vinyl, and I still don’t understand that so many people do. It is good thing to have a few hundred of these 12 inch records in my house, all from a period when vinyl was already replaced by aluminium. The music on these EP’s is slowly to creep up on me, but I doubt how long this will last.
When I submerse in music, like I do at this very moment, I always start hearing qualities that fade away when I return to my regular musical diet. But some records really hit home. I wish I knew the names of the sub-genres, so that I could tell you what kind records I like. I prefer the noisy percussion tracks with rap and sound samples. I do not like most of the mellow jazzy instrumentals and the female vocal tracks.
Total Confusion by A Homeboy, a Hippie & a Funki Dredd has been a minor hit here this morning. Other songs that I like are Hot pants breakdown by The Soul Tornadoes, What’s theirs and what’s yours by New Concept, Jazz machine by Black Machine and Play it loud by Spank the monkey, just to drop a few names.
I have only needleskipped through half of the 12 inches from the two boxes with garage/house/techno/hiphop records, so you will have to wait a while for a more objective opinion.
Here is a track that will be on the second compilation CD that I am making right now. It is the Holy Version mix of house of God by Dimensional Holofonic Sound.