The Beatles

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

When I was 14, and that was somewhere around 1973, I was at a party. As usually I had brought some of my records along. Records were rare at that time, and I cannot remember anybody playing cassette tapes at parties in those days. So if you wanted people to dance on your party, you had to organise some records. I hope that my record collection was not the only reason I got invited.
At one party, at the home of girl that I loved secretly, I ended up in a discussion with her elder brother. He didn’t like soul music and was into The Beatles. I had three LP’s by The Beatles, but I rarely played them. I gave these LP’s to this guy, partly because I hoped it would made an impression on his sister, but also because I felt the records were better at home with him than with me.
I don’t know how many Beatles LP’s I have given away in my life, but it doesn’t seem to work: they keep on coming back to me. In the record collection that I got from Alex Sas are again six LP’s by the Beatles. Not the most obvious ones, but Sergeant Peppers, The Magical Mystery Tour, and the White Double Album. They are not in a perfect condition, but good enough to sell them on eBay. Unless anybody who reads this wants to make me an offer I can’t refuse, of course.
Here is a Beatles (and Queen) MashUp by Go Home Productions aka Mark Vidler. Recently he dumped all his MashUps on the Internet, twelve (!!!) CD’s, with some of the best MashUps I have ever heard.



2007-10-24 11:27:27

how about some brazilian beatles?


2007-10-27 17:26:40

Well, not only the Bitles, but the whole blog is great. Thanks for spending half an evening on this site!