David Tame

Sunday, 14 October 2007

I like to read books about music, but only books of a certain kind.
Like The secret power of music By David Tame. It is a collection of experiences, examples, ideas and insights that I prefer to call esoteric. But there is also some science in it, and a lot of morosophy. It is written in a way that almost makes me jealous; this is a book that I wish I could write.
I cannot share the whole book with you, but I made some scans of a part of a chapter that deals with some matters that fascinate me to no end. I am afraid the scans will be a bit difficult to read, but I can always send you better ones if you want that. Just ask.
I will definitely return to the ideas that David Tame writes about in future episodes of this Soundtrack. Here is a song that I was reminded of while re-reading these pages, R U conscious by Courtney Buchanan.