New Funk

Sunday, 7 October 2007

The Alex Sas record collection has changed my ideas about the music in the nineties completely. On the many 12 inch records that I listened to in the past two weeks are enough songs that I like to hear again and again. I made CD’s of those songs, because I am still planning to sell these records. But not all of them, as I wanted to do first!.
The first three CD compilations are more or less random selections of songs that I liked best. But after listening to most of the records I began to distinguish certain genres of which there are enough songs to fill an 80 minutes CDr. Of course, with the early eighties disco 12 inches I can easily fill a handful of killer compilations, but I was especially excited about the *funky stuff that showed up on some of the early nineties 12 inch records.
I only knew a handful of these songs, like Hear the drummer get wicked by Chad Jackson for example. But I have now made two compilations with this kind of monotonous funky remixes and boy, are they great! And in the other boxes there are more than enough funky records for three or four more of such compilations.
I really wonder how people would react if you play these records in a club. I mean only these records, in precisely those mixes. I pick the most funky mix of the 3 to 6 mixes that are on each 12 inch, and I think that most DJ’s in the nineties picked another mix, with the house sound that made the nineties so hard to live through. On the mixes that I choose itall sounds very much like James Brown, Hamilton Bohannon and Jimmy Bo Horne.
Of course, samples of these artists are used on some of the 12 inches I am talking about. But they are more than just simple tape loops with a handful of great samples: they are true songs, with a sound that I surely overheard in the days these records were made.
Here is an example of such a new funk tune, Hot pants breakdown by The Soul Tornadoes.