The Beastie Boys

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Right after they released their first LP, The Beastie Boys gave a concert in Amsterdam. I try to avoid large concerts, but I loved their LP and the trio did a tour together with Run DMC and Public Enemy, whose LP’s I also loved, so I was in the audience.
The Beastie Boys were on stage first, but I am sure they have no memory whatsoever of the show. Man, were these guys drunk, stoned and stupid. The stage was very high, and I guess that most of the people in the audience were afraid that one or two of the Beastie Boys would fell of. But they didn’t: after less than half an hour they ended the show and went straight to the right light district or the coffee shops.
Run DMC was not much better, although they at least tried. But the sound was horrible and it just didn’t come close to the record.
Public Enemy was a joke: guys dressed up as soldiers, pretending to be cool and dangerous. I was happy that the whole show only lasted half the length of a good old rock’n’roll concert, so I could take the last train home.
I still love the first Beastie Boys LP. I remember that the radio station that played songs of the Beastie Boys before the LP came out, also played a song that never ended up on that LP. It was a based on a sample of the Beatles song I’m down, and from what I heard, Michael Jackson*, who owned the rights of the Beatles catalogue in those days, didn’t allow samples of the Beatles to be used. I had the song on tape, but I can’t find it. (I vaguely remember that I gave the tape to somebody, and I will try to find out if he (still) has it.)
I heard some nice songs on the later albums of the Beastie Boys, and I loved the magazine that they did for a while, but I like the first LP best.
Here is a song that reminded me of the early Beastie Boys, by a band called The Young Black Teenagers.

(The Young Black Teenagers record was in the boxes with records from Alex Sas. As you can se there is a large white sticker in the right corner of the sleeve. Alex has stickered many of his records with these stickers, and I have no idea how to remove them without damaging the sleeves. And since I want to sell these records, I would love to De-stickerize them. If you have any advice, please let me know. I will gladly reward the golden tip!)



2007-10-09 12:46:45

i’m told a small paintbrush with paint thinner works miracles


2007-10-10 14:28:23

Hi Frits, I was at the concert too! Still remember as if it was yesterday.. well, maybe last week. I’ve got “I’m down” for you, at:


2007-10-10 15:11:07

Thanks! In my memory there was more Beatles in it, but it is still a great track.