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Sunday, 23 December 2007

I never liked the plastic boxes in which new CD’s are sold. I am sure that if CD’s were sold in the same kind of sleeves that records have, I would have been more enthusiast about CD’s. The second generation of slim cases was a slight improvement, but they still suck. Plastic grows old ugly (paper does not) and you cannot read what is on the CD when you put them on a shelf.
For my CDr collection I began using transparent plastic bags in stead of these stupid boxes long ago. When filed in a way that you can flip through the collection, this works perfectly. But it bothered me that all the bought CD’s are still in those clumsy boxes. The back cover of the CD’s doesn’t fit in the square plastic bags. Unless you fold it, of course, which I think is a form of violence that I try to avoid.
Last week Fake Booij gave me a pile of plastic CD bags that are a little wider, so that the back cover of CD’s fits in it. Wow! I replaced a large part of the boxes with these bags, and this action made me quite happy. Not only reduces it the storage space with about 75%, it gives me an hard to describe aesthetic pleasure.
Fake’s gift was very well timed: I had just bought a large pile of second hand CD’s. Mainly music of Dutch acts, like Anouk and Ilse de Lange, but also some exotic rap, and a CD by Durwood Douche.
On this CD is the song Why me god, which had been on my wish list ever since I heard it. (Hm, I can’t remember where or when I heard it, but it was long ago.)
I thought, or hoped, that it was a cover of an original forties song, but it is not. The song has been written and recorded by Durwood Douche himself in the eighties. He is not clear about the date in the liner notes; he doesn’t even name the singer or the other musicians!. That doesn’t change the fact that I love this song:

There are 13 other songs with so called explicit lyrics on the CD, but they are to explicit funny for my ears. What I like about Why me god is that it shows how hypocrite the lyrics of many pop songs are. Every song in which somebody gets funked, humped, bumped, rocked or rolled says so much about the hypocrite culture in which we live and that we accept. Why are so much people offended when we talk about sex as it is? Is Why me god really offending? Why is there in our culture such a wide gap between porno and the way sex is treted in mainstream culture?
I am no fan of porno, and I don’t feel like a freedom fighter, but it always bothers me to realise that grown up people never sing what they think. Especially since I have children, I find the hypocrite culture in which I live, and which I am an active part of, embarrassing. A song like Why me god is for me way shower: this is how it should be.
On the CD ( called Big banned and blue, by the way) is also a Christmas song. It doesn’t come close to Why me god, but hey, it’s Chirtsmas.



2008-04-14 08:52:11


I’m wanted to buy the cd Big, banned & blue of Durwood Douche, but found out can’t be bought in the Netherlands.

I also took a look at several sites, but it’s very hard to get a copy of it. Are you by any chance able to help me find this cd?

Many Thanks!

ricco mashatt

2008-07-30 17:29:29

would love to buy this cd thanks


2008-09-08 08:04:49

Like Loesje and Ricco I’m totally crazy about this cd. So if you could help me find it somewhere.. please!

(X-mas is coming soon again ;))


2008-10-26 21:40:26

I don’t know about Sander and Ricco (you are from which country?) But Loesje, ik kan het naar je toe sturen. Heb de cd in ’98 gekocht.
Maybe I also can help Ricco and Sander, let me know where your from.

grt Gied


2008-11-21 04:18:22

I have been looking for this tracks for years now. First just to add the Christmas gift to my collection of weird christmas songs. Then I found out there were more interesting tracks on the cd. Thank you so much!
grtz, jolanda


2008-12-08 08:57:44


I’ve been searching for The Christmas Gift (Just a Little Christmas Blowjob) for a long time. Can you please send it to me?

Gr Rik


2008-12-08 14:32:03

Hey there,

Same here, i’ve searched cd shops all around the Netherlands and after that the entire internet for the Big, banned and blue cd, but can’t seem to find it.
If someone can help me out by uploading it for me, or even mail it, i’d be very very very very grateful!!!!
thanks a million!!


2008-12-09 17:17:01

I’m searching for the album to.. Kind someone please provide me with it?

Thanks in advance!!!

Kind regards,

Lex From the Netherlands


2008-12-12 13:48:53

HAHAHHAA – I was listening to the radio and heard this on live mid-day Dutch National Radio and I couldn’t believe they played this song… only in Holland man.. you play this anywhere else in the world and that station would be closed in 2 seconds! =P but its a genius track, and sent it to this girl for inspiration.. hmmm


2008-12-12 15:13:00

daar staan alle nummers


2008-12-13 05:53:35

Heeeeeeeeeeel graag zou ik ook in het bezit komen van deze geweldige cd, Gied?
groeten oet grunn ;)


2008-12-17 05:06:44

For the Dutch ones (all of you) let’s make the Christmas Gift song the theme of serious request ;-)
For sure i am going to pay for this record, just brilliant!


2008-12-24 04:37:27

I would REALLY love to listen to this CD in the full! Does anyone know if there is any place in the world (preferably the Netherlands) if there is a place where we can still find this ‘pearl’?

Concerning the airplay on national radio: I remember it being played a few years back when I was about 15. It wasn’t this version though! It was the original 40’s, I believe. The lady singing it had much more.. ‘class’, so to speak.

(Btw, the folklore site only provides 30 sec. samples)


2009-11-05 15:02:33

I’ve been looking for Durwood Douche music for years, but did not find any! The Music Library in town here claims to be the biggest in Europe, but they haven’t any Durwood Douche. So it would be great if anyone can help me with it! Thanks


2009-12-11 13:39:04

Can somebody please send this to my email adres?
My girlfriend would love to have this. She’s crazy about the Christmas Gift and Why me God. :)


2009-12-11 13:39:56 that is… didn’t know no one could see that.


2009-12-23 18:16:13

FREE mp3 download incl. CD cover at:


2009-12-23 18:21:25

another FREE download as .rar


2009-12-24 08:08:17

I have a link to this album, but it is a ZIP file if you can handle those:


2009-12-24 08:09:38

I have a link to this album, but it is a ZIP file if you can handle those:


2014-11-30 12:03:16

Het is al wat jaartjes geleden dat er hier gepost werd maar ik ben (nog steeds) geïnteresseerd in dit album.
Mvg Bram


2014-11-30 19:41:42


Doe me maar een email adres ;-)


2015-02-22 09:16:26

Please give me a new zip link. Megaupload shut down (as you may know), so please comment on this thread with a new zip file link, please.