Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Recently I began watching YouTube again, and I saw so many great videos that I re-animated my I Guide, You Tube blog. I have no idea how long I will do it this time; I will not go to all lengths to put up a video of my choice daily, but a few videos per week should be no problem. It helps me to visit YouTube more often, so that I get the information that is of my interest and that I don’t get any other way.
I also made a compilation the audio of Christmas videos that I found on YouTube.
It is a pretty run of the mill compilation, but I had not much better to do, and I saw a lot of interesting videos that have nothing to do with Christmas. And I had gotten some great free software through Ruud Hulleman, that I used to make mp3’s of some documentaries and interviews that I prefer to listen to while working, in stead while sitting behind the computer. Ruud sent me a link to some freeware that enables you to record mp3’s from YouTube video’s. I still use my Polderbits soundrecorder for that, because I like to be in control over the volume and over the exact beginning and ending of a track. But this is software does several other interesting things, like converting videos, downloading YouTube videos, and much more. You can find it here
Lately I am especially interested in the idea of the growing Earth. Some months ago I discovered a video that Neal Adams made to promote this idea, but there is now also a one hour interview with him on YouTube, cut up in ten minute segments. Fascinating idea, within pretty convincing arguments, and mind boggling consequences if this is true.
So, for today’s choice, here is that video by Neal Adams. And if you want to know more, check out the interview with Art Bell.