Santastic part 3

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

I never had much interest in Christmas records. I am guilty of making some compilation tapes and CD’s, and of course I have received and bought ton loads of Christmas tapes, records and CD’s. But I don’t like the concept of Christmas.
I have nothing to complain: Life has been very good to me, compared to what I see happening around me. But I am not at all happy with the way things go in this world. In fact, I would not mind never having been born. This world could be heaven, and to see how it is made into a hell, is hard to bare. The way the western world celebrates Christmas is beyond ridiculous. I think it is embarrassing!
Another reason why I don’t care much for Christmas songs is that I always tend to loose interest in things that are popular. When other people take care of something, I rather do something that is not done yet. I prefer to collect what other people neglect. And since I know some people who have more Christmas records than I could listen to in the rest of my entire life, I don’t do much effort to collect them.
But even without effort the amount of Christmas songs in my house seems to double every year.
Here is link to a MashUp sampler that DJ BC compiled. There are several other Christmas MashUp compilations on the Net, but I think that you don’t need my help to find them.
Here is one of the tracks that I like best, even though it is a genre that I usually prefer to miss. It is called Brave bells of Scotland and made by Martinn. Thank God for people with more humour than I have!