Paulus viert Sinterklaas

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Without any doubt nor discussion: the best Dutch Sinterklaas Advertisement record ever made is “Paulus viert Sinterklaas”. The record was a product of an organisation for drycleaners. It is both a little four page booklet and a two sided hearplay flexi record. The story, the illustration and all the voices were done by one man: Jean Dulieu.
Jean Dulieu was tremendous popular in the fifties and sixties, both with his Paulus books and with the radio plays that he made weekly. These radio plays were considered lost for decades, but Piet Schreuders traced two people who had both recorded a few hundred episodes. These recordings were made with primitive tape recorders, using the slowest band speed. But thanks to these home tapers about 75% of the Paulus radioplays could be reconstructed, restored and re-relased.
Because today is Sinterklaas’ birthday, here is the complete booklet and record.
The record:

The booklet: