Monday, 3 December 2007

Among other great stuff, I got two CD compilations in my P.O. box from Jan Turkenburg aka Splogman.
It are volume 2 and 3 of his series of Dutch reli recordings, in which we happen to share a deep interest. Jan is going too fast for me: I have only made one compilation so far. But there is a pile of new records waiting to be recorded, so maybe I will begin tonight, after I finish this story.
Before you get excited, let me tell you that this genre is not worth it. I started collecting these records hoping to find some unknown wild Dutch gospel, but that doesn’t seem to exist. All I found where very strange records, that sound as if they were made in a parallel universe. A universe where everything is perfect and where everybody is happy, even though they have no sex, drugs and rock’n’nroll.
The genre, Durch reli records, is actually too wide to be called one genre. I file the records under various sub-genres, like Singing sisters, Parlando paters, Pseudo beat bands, Hidden gospels, etcetera.
Some collectors are just as strange as the records they collect. I know a man who collects every record that has a church on the cover. Hard to believe how he will survive the inevitable moment when he goes through his collection one day and realises what he crap he collected.
For many years Dutch reli records were extremely easy to find and very cheap. I once bought a whole box for 1 guilder. But those days are over. Last week I saw a 45 of De Zingende Zusjes in a record store for 4 euro’s. Come on! And it was not the record that I mentioned here, but one of some other Zingende Zusjes, the more chubby ones, if you know what I mean. (The skinny ones sing better, but I like the sleeves of the other ones best. And although 4 euro’s is way too much money, I am glad I bought it.))
Next time I will go into more detail about this genre, intereseting or not. But here is my favourite track of Jan’s second CD, a record by the (skinny) Zingende Zusjes that I had never heard yet! Actually I don’t like medleys and I promised myself not to share them with you in this Soundtrack, but there is always a reason to make exception to rules. And that reason is this time that I am in a hurry; I want to make my second Dutch reli CD compilation!