John Koenmans

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Yesterday I emptied my mailbox (P.O.Box 75459, 1070 AL Amsterdam) and discovered a large package from John Koenmans. Based on John’s impact on the soundtrack of my life, he should be mentioned at least once a week. He is one of the most generous people that I trade with. And the content of this latest package serves as a good example. Apart from a pile of CD’s with music that I wish I could all share with you (ever heard Do the robot by Marvulus Mickey ?!?), John also sent me two LP’s.
One LP is too weird too describe in a few words, so I will do that later. The other LP is Natural sources by Ronald Snijders. I wrote about this LP here.
I said that it was sold on e-Bay for more money than I can afford to spend, but that this doesn’t kept me from hoping to find the LP on a flea market for 1 euro. Well, it is two months later and I have the LP, for less than 1 euro.
If you think that John is a rich, you are wrong. But like many of the people that I know who have little money, his generosity is of a level that many rich people will find hard to believe. I often feel guilty when I realise what he gives me. But of course, I also enjoy the gifts. I hope that everybody will come across a John Koenmans once in her/his life!
There is an inlay with hand written info in the Natural sources LP. Ronald Snijders wrote this:
“I discover a lot of streams in me which tend to drive me to different places. Some of them sre strong and force me. The others are weak, but they give the colour changes, just enough to be seen, to be heard, to be felt. Where are the sources of these streams and their branches? In Surinam? In Africa? …or simply in you?”
Yep, we are all connected in mysterious ways inside. I wish I could feel these connections stronger than I do most of the time.
Here is Ronald Snijders with Busy Styreet. And by the way, he plays all the instruments himself on this LP.