Wij pterodactylussen

Sunday, 9 December 2007

My son listened to every tape that I bought or made for him. He loved stories most of all, and never went to sleep without a tape with a story. And, as most children, he could never get enough of some stories. Ibbeltje, Pipo de clown, De Vakantie cassette, everything written by Roald Dahl, Tommie en Lotje, just to name some of the tapes that he played to death.
My daughter has no interest at all in stories, and now my son is 13 and a bit beyond childrens’ stories, I get all my tapes back bit by bit. Today I got a whole box. It took me half an hour to put all the cassettes back in the right boxes again. And there are still some missing.
Among the tapes that I like best, is one called Ontdek de wereld van dinosaurussen. It has both songs and stories, and although it is educational, it is worth listening to. I just Googled it, but for Google the tape doesn’t exist. It was originally produced Blue Strike Music, England, and the tape that I bought was reworked by the Flevo Sound Studio. They did a great job!
Here is my favourite song of this tape, Wij pterodactylussen.