Hans Engelman

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Today I finished a renovation job at an appartment near the Rijksmuseum. I started doing some painting, but I ended up doing 1001 other things too. For more than 25 years there was nothing done in this place, so I spend 12 days repairing and restoring all kinds of everything. Very much what I like to do.
The woman who lived in the apartment was once married with an artist, a painter named Hans Engelman. There were paintings of him on all the walls, and I really liked some of them. He passed away 15 years ago or so, I didn’t ask. He lived from his work, but after he died, not much of his work was sold anymore. The lady said she had plans to make a website about the work of Hans Engelman, but she didn’t seem in a hurry.
I have no knowledge of the art world. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to tell what a painting is worth, and I have no interest in that at all too. But I do know when I like something and there is something about the work of Hans Engelman that I like!
The lady (her name is Ans Lievense ) told me a few stories about her husband, and when I asked her if could write about him in this blog, she gave me a map with some photo’s of his paintings. He seemed to be mostly interested in painting landscapes and models.
In the late 50’s and early 60’s there lived not much black women in Holland, and posing naked for a white painter was very not done back then. But Hans managed to find a handful of black women willing to pose for him, and the results are among his best work. I picked some of my favourite model paintings for today’s story. Next time I will show of the landscapes. And you can see some of his paintings here
Ans and Hans both were musicians; they play(ed) violin. I have no idea if Ans has any recordings, but I wouldn’t let you hear them anyway, because I do not like classical music.
While Googling for info on Hans I discovered that a guy with the same name has written a poem that Wayne King recorded for RCA Victor in the 78rpm era. Unfortunately I don’t have a recording of that record. And I have not any other recording of Wayne King either. Not do I have another version of that poem. So, that explains why I choose for today’s soundtrack this song by another King, about whom I will write more later.



2008-11-23 05:42:14

Hans Engelman was one of my teachers in the academy of Tilburg .I rember him as a friendly man , a good teacher and very skilly .
Can you tell me if there is apossibilty to buy one of his works .

Corina van der Molen

2009-02-04 13:30:56

I like very much this initiatif of your side to let Hans live. I met Hans the first time in 1985 at cafe Jan Heuvel at the Prinsengracht. There were a lot of artists and other intellectuels who met in the afternoons at Heuvel. To talk about live and art, of course. Hans had a very explicit meaning about the movements in arts in those days. His opinion was that every artist had to have conciousness of the traditions in art. There were long debats amongst the artists and other people in the cafe. He had a good sense of humour. One time I was in his house with someone who wanted to buy a painting of him. His wife was rehursing her music in the other room. The place was full of paintings. Hans had all patience to show all kinds of work of him. That afternoon he sold a very nice landscape (the strand)


2009-08-12 16:10:05

Hans was a friend of my father ‘Frans Köhler’ who was also an artist. I never really met Hans or his wife. But I saw a beautiful exposition of his work afther he died.
Now I’m searching for people who knew Frans Köhler or some of his friends because w’re working on a website. I’ve got more than a thousand paintings but I know so little of my father and his (artist)friends. So if you know something, please let me know.

Leontine Wijman-Engelman

2009-11-29 14:35:44

Hans Engelman * Hoenkoop 20-10-1922- ovl. 26-7-2000 was x met Jutta Metzger * Duitsland 16-9-1928, en Ans Lievense.
Ouders Hans


2009-12-17 21:36:04

Elvire, I can’t wait to see Frans Kohler’s website. I barely knew him when I lived in Amsterdam in the late seventies,…..all I can tell you is that he was a great cook. It would be great to see pictures of his work and learn more about his life!


2010-07-06 15:15:11

We have now 2 works of Hans Engelsman in auction (online). Not half at beautifull as the paintings above, but still very powerfull drawings. For those that are interested, take a look on (in Dutch, I’m sorry).