Wednesday, 9 July 2008

While searching for ”genuine cheerful” and ”complete hopeless” songs, I discover a lot of other interesting stuff that I would love to share with you. Like a Batman song that I had (almost) forgotten. It is on the LP ”The Big Itch Volume Five””.

This series of compilations of obscure novelty rock’n’roll records is one of my all time favourites. The record company is called Mr Mancotti Records, but I doubt if it really exists. But the LP’s do exist! Not all songs selected for this compilations are novelty, by the way. Some of the best were probably meant very serious by the people who recorded them. These are often the best. I love music made by people who have no idea about what they’re doing. Most artists are much to much aware of what they’re doing. I prefer people who don’t mind colouring outside the lines a bit, as we call this in Dutch. And I don’t mind if people are not even aware that they are colouring outside the lines. I don’t even mind if they aren’t aware of the lines at all!
Here is Robin & The Batmen with “Batskinner” .