Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I returned the book to it’s owner, but ”Awakenings” is still on my mind. I just discovered that there is a (part of a) documentary on this history on YouTube. Not the movie with Robin Williams as Oliver Sacks, but real footage. Extremely touching, but fascinating.

The book is going much deeper, and if you haven’t read it yet, please try to get a copy.
There are many video’s of Oliver Sacks on YouTube, also in which he talks about his book ”Musicophilia”. Here is one about the earworm phenomenon :

The neurological explanation for this phenomenon is not known. It seems that some brain circuit gets looped, but even if somebody found out what happens exactly on a neurological level, we still don’t know how cells and molecules can cause us to hear sounds that are not there. Or to have any mental impression whatsoever! The fact that my brain works at all, and has done so continuously for almost fifty years, is a true miracle that I usually take for granted.
The reason that I was searching for information on the awakenings that Oliver Sacks writes about in his book, is that I wanted to find out what other people say about the parallel between these “Awakenings”” and “spiritual awakenings”. But I didn’t find anything!
For today’s Soundtrack is
here is a typical neurological case, as Oliver Sacks describes them in his books:



2008-07-16 02:31:34

Frits, de link naar OliverSacksJimmy.mp3 werkt niet. Dit onderwerp interesseert me mateloos (“sorbo hier, sorbo daar, sorbo is uw hulp in huis. Sorbo!”). Heb ook al verschillende boeken van Sacks in huis, maar Musicophilia kende ik nog niet, wel verschillende neuro-muziek-anecdotes in ander werk. ‘k ga het meteen zoeken. Wat hij zegt over woorden zonder muziek klopt volgens mij niet helemaal (maar misschien ligt het aan hoe breed je het begrip ‘muziek’ opvat).


2008-07-16 13:22:38

De link werkt nu wel; ik had “Jimmy” verkeerd gespeld. Ken je de boeken van Luria, Sacks’ inspirator? Die zijn ook geweldig! Vooral “The mnemonist” en het boek over de man met een kogel in zijn hoofd.