The Message

Friday, 11 July 2008

While still searching for ”genuine cheerful” and ”complete hopeless” songs (this is my last change, tomorrow we have to record both shows) I ended up going through part of all the amazing things that are in the two “365 days” projects by Otis Fodder. I have said it once, so I don’t need to say it again, but I gladly repeat myself in this particular case: this music blog is the Holy Grail!!!. I used to visit the first series of “365 Days”, posted in 2003, and that was one of the things that inspired me to start a blog of my own.
Shortly after I began doing this Soundtrack, I discovered that there was a second series of the 365 Days project, and this time an even more elaborate one than the first. I seriously considered stopping this Soundtrack for a while, because I realised I could never even come close to what Otis Fodder and his friends did. But that feeling faded away soon, and now I am very happy that I didn’t give in to it.
On August 1 of 2003 Otis Fodder posted a song, by Georgina Dobson & Cupboard Simon. I loved “The Message” when that record came out, but listening to miss Georgina’s version of it, I realised that Melle Mel is far less genuine than miss Georgina. Man, does this lady sounds pissed off!
You can find Otis Fodder’s story about the lady and the record here, but here is miss Georgina Dobson too:



Eddy Van Hoof

2023-09-20 19:03:45

mag ik het adres van jou weten Hugo, Ik wil je een keer opzoeken in Begiee. Je kent me nog wel uit Einhoven. Eddy van hoof. Ik leer nog steeds en geef mensen goede raad uit jou boek, Klare taal Laat eens wat weten Groetjes eddy