More Batman

Thursday, 10 July 2008

How could I have forgotten the CD with Batman related songs that John Koenmans sent me around the end of the previous century?! I just re-discovered it, while (still…) searching more ”genuine cheerful” and ”complete hopeless” songs. I have no idea where John gets all this obscure stuff from. At least half of the songs on this Batman compilation I have still never seen or heard on any other CD, and this CD is at least eight years old.

In my Batman collection are also some postcard sized screenprints that Edmond Spiers made around the same period. Or maybe ten years earlier. Edmond used to make the concert posters for Vera, a concert hall in Groningen. But because the paper that they used for the posters was larger that what they actually needed, he made special illustrations for the strips that weren’t really used. Edmond was/is a great Batman-fan and he published a comic book about his ” Encounters” with the Batman. I don’t think I have all the Batman screenprints that he made; I have about ten of them. Here are some:

And here is another Batman song from the John Koenmans collection: