Thursday, 24 July 2008

I never believed in an individual soul. As I see it, there is one Soul, and because of the way our brain functions, we perceive this Soul, or Life, as most people call it, as fragmented. But Life is one, and even we ourselves are never apart from this strange Oneness. I believed that basically we don’t exist as individuals; that the personality that we seem to be, is just an illusion.
But a few weeks ago I suddenly got an insight or an idea that does make it possible to have both an individual soul and to be a part of this One Life. The difficulty is how to describe this. I am afraid it will sound as gibberish. But of course i am going to try it anyhow.
What the idea means is this: we exist simultaneously in this “here&now world” and “inside”. This inside existence is what I call the “individual soul”, because it is our own private reality, where nothing exists that we are not. We experience this inner world in our nightly dreams. In my dreams, all there is, is me; the persons, the objects, myself, even the scenario, it’s all my own creation. Even when I don’t realize it, I know it to be so when I wake up.
This here& now reality is also a creation, and in essence I am the co-creator of this strange Oneness, but I have no saying in what happens. It just happens. And I am part of it. But there is a clear set of laws by which things happen; I can see no coincidence in it.
I think that our inner world, or our “soul”, might be forever, while this shared reality is only temporarily. We are here to learn how Life works, to realize that we are a soul and not a body. When we dream or die, we return to our eternal state, our inner world. When we have not realized that this is our own creation, we will experience it as a reality, just as we do in our dreams. But when we do realize that we are the creator of our inner world, the dream ends, and “we” end. Then there is no longer a difference between inner and outer world, life or death, or you and me.
I got this idea as a “thought ball”, and my mind is still trying to unfold the idea. It might be entirely wrong, but what makes me take it serious, is the fact that this very idea makes the things plausible that always seemed the biggest nonsense to me: an individual soul, life after death, the possibility of reincarnation, etcetera.
Like I wrote earlier, this idea is very much like Ouspensky’s idea of ”eternal recurrence”. But either I never understood what he really meant, or he has a slightly different take on all this. I always though that Ouspensky also didn’t saw that an individual soul was possible.
I rarely talk about all this, so it feels strange to mention this here in this blog. But it feels even more strange to talk about all kind of unimportant things and leaving this unmentioned.
For anybody who has an interest in esoterics, the lyrics this song by The Temprees should raise your consciousness at least five levels. Listen to it as if it it about The One in stead if about a person. Welcome to the Hall of Records!