Friday, 18 July 2008

Today I received a package from Ruud Verkerk, with three new compilations that he has made. Ruud asks if I know Bob Dylan’s Theme Hour, in which he did a show about dogs.
Well, I have a DVD with almost all Theme Hour shows, but I haven’t listen to all of them yet. Ruud’s Dog-compilation is completely ridiculous. I cannot wait till people come to our house so I can play it for them.
As always the sleeve of the CD is carefully designed, including four pages with thumbnail dog–covers:

I have several dogs songs in my collection too, of course, including a 78rpm record of original The Singing Dogs. I cannot remember the guy who made this record, and I am not going to look it up now. But he used a tape recorder to edit all kind of dog sounds to make them “sing”. Since then all over the world there have been people doing the same. I collected these records for a while, but there is simply too much of them. But I wouldn’t mind having the record where Ruud picked this song from:

Ruud announces that a friend of his has a box with tape recorder tapes for me, that he will bring to my place soon. So, be prepared for some extra episodes of this Soundtrack in the near future!