Hugo Symens 2

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Yesterday I shared with you the song that is on a cassette that I got from Harrie Berkhout. On the cassette is also an interview that Roger de Roose had with the man in which he talks about his deviant ideas about health and medicines. As with all people that have ideas about anything, there will be some truth in it, but to me it seems clear that it is far from true.
I am fascinated with ideas that are only believed by one or a few persons. Of course, everybody has some ideas that he or she doesn’t share with anyone else, but not everybody is making a living out of trying to convince others of those ideas. Hugo Symens is one of the latter category, although I doubt if he ever could made a living of it. The speed with which he talks doesn’t give me the impression that he is very conscious of his own words. Most people who try to convince others do that by repeating themselves endlessly, until the sound like robots or actors.
Here is a short part of the interview:

Actually I like the song quite a bit. Apart from the Dutch version that you could hear yesterday, there are also French and English versions on the tape. Here is the English version:

Harrie Berkhout found this cassette in a second hand shop, where they asked 50 cents for it. “I expected that you would like it. But I thought that 50 cents for such a tape was way too much, so I stole it”.